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Principal’s Corner

Dear Students,

Summer vacation is finally here! This sentence always brings cheers from kids as theylook forward to sleeping late, camp, and family vacations – not to mention noschool for eight or so weeks.

Your teachers at Emmanuel want you to continue to read over the summer. Please do notthink about this as homework! Reading can take you on journeys to places you maynever visit in-person. Becoming lost in a book – the characters, the plot, the action, even the words themselves can provide some of the best summer memories.

Students in grades 4-8 use the Accelerated Reader program in conjunction with the literature/reading curriculums in the various grades. Summer is a great time to get points without worrying about other homework. Below is a breakdown of how many points are required for each grade.

  • Grade 4: 10 points per marking period (10×3=30 for the year)
  • Grade 5: 14 points per marking period (14×3=42 for the year)
  • Grade 6: 20 points per marking period (20×3=60 for the year)
  • Grade 7: 27 points per marking period (27×3=81 for the year)
  • Grade 8: 35 points per marking period (35×3=105 for the year)

Students are encouraged to earn more than the required points. They are awarded with free dress coupons, certificates, etc. when 200 points are reached and every 100 after that. They may become members in the 500 and 1000 point clubs which include their names being engraved on a plaque. Whatever the number of points they strive for, they must earn the minimum required for each marking period as points do not roll over until the final marking period. In grades 4 and 5, AR points are 15% of the overall class grade in reading. For students in middle school, AR points are 20% of the overall class grade in literature.

Students are to choose books that are on their reading level and that interest them. PLEASE check the book you would like to read on www.arbookfind.comto make sure there is a test for the book. Recently published books may not have a test and we have come across certain authors and/or publishers who do not participate in the program, although this is very rare. Once you have finished your book, please contact the school office to schedule a test.

If you have any questions concerning this requirement, please contact the school.

Blessings on your summer,

Principal Miller

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