TEC School 2021

Tuition & Financial Aid

Application Fee

Each NEW application MUST be accompanied by the application fee. This fee is not refundable.

Registration Fee

Upon acceptance, each new student application requires a registration fee. Returning students are also required to submit the registration fee with their application. This fee is designed to cover the cost of student evaluation, textbooks, curriculum materials, and technology. This registration fee is kept at a reasonable rate due to money received from the State and administered by the Maryland State Department of Education. For returning students and students accepted by May 31st, this fee is due June 1st. After June 1st, the registration fee increases. New students accepted after June 1st will have a prorated due date for the registration fee. Registration fees are due for all students before the start of school. This registration fee is not refundable.

*Students are responsible for the replacement cost of any lost or damaged books.

Tuition & Other Charges

Member families of Emmanuel Lutheran Church are urged to prayerfully consider their regular Sunday stewardship offering that it reflects a special thankfulness for the Christian school sponsored by their church.

Student tuition shall be paid pursuant to the schedule of charges as set out on page 2 of the Emmanuel Lutheran School enrollment application.

Tuition may be paid by the year (due September 1st); by the semester (due September 1st and January 15th); or by the monthly SMART Tuition Management Plan (July-April). Enrollment forms for SMART will be provided.

Upon withdrawal for any reason, tuition will be assessed as follows:

Withdrawal during:

1st Quarter30%
2nd Quarter50%
3rd Quarter80%
4th Quarter100%

Academic quarters are noted on the school calendar. Even if you have not completed your applicable tuition payment and decide to withdraw, you will be charged according to when you withdrew from Emmanuel. A student’s enrollment will be subject to termination if the account is in arrears in excess of forty (40) days unless a formal payment plan has been agreed upon. If any charges from the previous school year are outstanding at the beginning of the school year, a student will not be permitted to start school until payment is made or satisfactory arrangements for payment are made.

Financial Aid

Emmanuel Lutheran Church has established funds to assist families seeking financial aid for tuition costs. To apply for assistance, applicants must complete a financial statement prepared by the School and Student Service for Financial Aid. Upon completion of this form and its evaluation by the School and Student Service, financial recommendations will be made to Emmanuel’s Church Council.

Please contact the school office for additional information and/or the necessary forms required by the School and Student Service for Financial Aid. To ensure adequate consideration, submit to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid prior to May 1st. Financial statements filed after this date are subject to time and/or monetary constraints. Notification of eligibility will be made by mid-June.

Scholarship – Academic Excellence

Students enrolled in Middle School may qualify for Emmanuel’s Academic Excellence Award. Using the Stanford Achievement Test, a student score of 90% or higher on Math Composite or Reading Composite would qualify for $500 (1 qualifying score) or $750 (for 2 qualifying scores). New applicants for Middle School would need to take the Stanford Test at Emmanuel prior to June 1st for consideration for this special award.

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